• Prevents Disease & Sickness

    Dehydration can lead to many health issues, including urinary tract infections and kidney disease.

  • Improve Your Cats Health & Happiness

    Proper water intake improves kidney health, flushes unwanted crystals from the bladder, and leads to greater nutrient absorption.

  • Veterinarian Recommended

    “Cats have a low thirst drive, so their water source has to be attractive. Running water is especially enticing, and cat fountains are a great solution" - Jean Hofve, DVM.

Why Are Cat Fountains Important?

Cats often get dehydrated simply because they don't like still water. There's a reason for this... In nature, stagnant water from ponds and puddles is almost always polluted. Cats have an instinctive aversion to stagnant water.

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  • I just wanted to come say thank you! I've been trying to get my cat to drink from a bowl her entire life and she's always chosen to drink from one of the faucets in my house instead.Well, my OnlyPets finally arrived, I hooked it up, and she instantly started drinking from it! I couldn't believe it, and the best part? super easy to clean!

  • My cats love this!! I have 2 and all my cats drink from it. The old bowls get nasty with a slimy feel. These have activated carbon filters and so far have never felt slimy. Wash each week and they work great.

  • Worked Great For My Faucet Loving Cat

    My cats love this and drink more water then they ever did. I like that the bowl is wide so they don't get whisker fatigue.

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How OnlyPets Has Helped Cats

These are the findings from a survey we conducted among OnlyPets users:
✔ 96% of cats drink more water using the OnlyPets
✔ 94% of cats are healthier & happier
✔ 86% of cat owners no longer constantly fill up their cat bowls
*results according to clinical/consumer studies.

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    30 min or 30 days from now... If you are not satisfied as a customer, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

  • 100% Cat-Safe Materials

    All of our products are Food Grade & FDA compliant.

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